Diamond Earrings: How to Pick the Best ones

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Published: 10th January 2013
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Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, choosing the right earrings can be challenging. There are so many things to consider including face shape and what the earring will be worn with. If you are buying for someone else, you also have to factor in their personal taste. Below is are a few simple tips on how to pick the right earrings.

Face shape.
Drop earrings flatter round faces. It is best to avoid round shaped earrings if the person wearing them has a round face as this only makes the face look more round! Earrings which are short and wide flatter long, thin faces. People with long, thin faces should avoid long dangling earrings as these make the face appear to be even more long. If dangling earrings are desired, opt for dangling earring with a wide base to add the illusion of width to the face. Round or long earrings flatter square faces. People with oval faces can pretty much get away with wearing any earring shape they want.

Earring Length.
A good tip for deciding on earring length is to really look at your jaw line or the jaw line of the person you are buying for and work out what part of the jaw is the widest or sticks out the most. Use this information to choose the length of the earring. Basically, you want the earring to end above or below the most prominent part of the jaw- not exactly on it. If the earring ends exactly on the most prominent part of the jaw, it will give the illusion of an even wider jaw which is not at all flattering to the face.

Earring Style.
Once you have identified your face shape, or the face shape of the person you are buying for and have decided on the length which would be most flattering, it is time to choose the style. The best thing is to go by instinct. If buying for yourself, hold the earrings up to your face to see if they would look good on you. Take into consideration the clothes you will be wearing with them also. Certain earrings can be worn with pretty much anything- like pearls and diamonds as they are classic and pretty neutral. However, if you are going for color, consider clothing and other accessories. For example, do not wear gold jewelery if you are intending on wearing a silver sparkly top! This could not be more important when choosing bridal jewelry. Pearls and diamonds are great for brides and bridesmaids look beautiful with jewelry which coordinates with their bridesmaid dresses. If you a going with diamond earings, consider using Canadian diamonds. You will be supporting ethical mining practices. More information on the topic and be found here.

Studs, clip-ons or hooks
Whether you decide to go for hooks, studs or clip-ons obviously depends on whether or not you or the person you are buying for has pierced ears. If you see a style you like for pierced ears and you or your intended do not have pierced ears, many jewelers can customize them and make them into clip-ons. Bare in mind that this shortens the earrings by roughly a centimeter.

Buying as a Gift
If you are shopping for someone else and still can not decide on what to go for, either closely observe what they wear when you see them so that you are better informed about the colors they usually wear or bring someone you trust who is close to them to help you. If all else fails, buy them a gift voucher from your favorite jewelry store so that they can choose for themselves.

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